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Dimocks Energy are experienced solar specialists in Christchurch. We are passionate about the latest technology and supply a full range of solar products from leading international brands, offering the best performance and reliability at the best prices.

Our knowledgeable team have a wealth of expertise, and are happy to discuss your requirements and the best products to meet your needs, from solar panels to solar battery storage, solar inverters to software management systems.

Solar Panels Christchurch

SunPower is a worldwide solar energy company based in Silicon Valley, California. Started in 1985, they now have over 35 years of dedicated solar experience, manufacturing top quality solar panels for homes, businesses and electricity generators. They are widely regarded as industry leaders in solar sustainability, with a Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification.

SunPower consistently rank as one of the world’s best solar panel manufacturers, with their cutting edge Maxeon® cell technology offering the highest efficiency solar panels on the market, along with the longest warranty in the industry at 40 years.

Solar Batteries


Enphase IQ Solar Batteries – with industry-leading 10-year warranty

Dimocks are excited to offer the very latest in solar battery technology from Enphase Energy, a global leader in solar innovation based in California. Enphase IQ Batteries provide safe, reliable year round storage, with an impressive longevity to ensure your investment will pay for itself many times over during the lifetime of your solar power system.

Key Features:

  • IP55 certified: Will keep delivering power even in harsh weather conditions
  • IQ Load Controller: Control power-hungry appliances from the Enphase app to conserve your battery storage
  • Low voltage, High safety: Operates with low-voltage DC power for extra safety
  • Beautifully Designed App: Real-time tracking of how much energy you are producing, consuming and have stored
  • Scalable Solution: easily add different-sized batteries as your needs grow over time
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: 10-year limited warranty, with an additional 5-years available for purchase

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Solar Inverters & Micro Inverters


Enphase microinverters operate independently to generate the most energy possible, without a single point of failure.  This top-quality product comes with a 25-year warranty to give you peace of mind and a great return on investment.

Enphase IQ7A Microinverter features:

  • Safety first: The microinverter design of Enphase Solar is inherently safer because it never contains high-voltage DC power, thus eliminating the likelihood of an arc fault fire.
  • Shines in all kinds of weather: IP67-certified, meaning the systems can endure just about anything Mother Nature sends its way.
  • Smart power: Enphase Energy Systems are smart enough to update themselves automatically over the internet to receive the latest software and new features.
  • Responsive and responsible: Includes built-in Rapid Shutdown so that in the event of an emergency, your solar power can be turned off instantly and easily, keeping utility workers and first responders safe.
  • Ready for today and tomorrow: This modular microinverter design built on a distributed architecture platform, meaning you can quickly and easily expand your system as your needs grow.
  • A bright idea, even in low light: Breakthrough Burst Mode technology to capture energy in low-light conditions, such as when there are shadows or clouds passing over the solar panels.

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Solar Energy Management Systems & Software


A system that makes your life easier – and saves you money – but one you don’t have to think about. The Enphase home energy solution combines solar, storage, and software that tracks your production and consumption: an all-in-one solar energy system that maximizes your savings while you’re busy living your life.

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Enphase Solar Management System