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At Dimocks we understand working in the commercial market better than most, we have worked with sole traders and large corporates in construction and electrical, including Orion, Opus International, NZTA, Connectics, Naylor Love, HRN. With 35 years of experience in the electrical products, we are the best at understanding your needs and delivering the right price and the right products. We fully guarantee our workmanship and products. We are local and we care about our customers.

Dimocks provide solutions so you can lower your energy cost and reduce your power bills immediately. We understand that your business is your income and you want the highest quality options for solar for your sustainable future.

We are addressing climate change head-on, helping you embrace a sustainable future and keeping New Zealand clean and green. In only ten years the cost of our electricity has increased by 84% and is set to go on rising. New Zealand has a world-class solar resource; ahead of countries like Germany, a country that is currently one of the highest users of solar technology in the world. Make the most of this investment for your business and your future.

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Why not have your own Power Station?


  • Immediate savings
  • Future power increases not a concern
  • Good return on investment
  • Have control over your own energy supply and resource
  • Future proof your business energy requirements
  • Be a good global citizen

With new government policy around carbon footprints, how long will it be before you can’t ignore the need for solar. So act now!